When Women Create Magic Together

When Women Create Magic Together

Recently I had the absolute pleasure of collaborating with some incredible human beans.

And I’m beyond excited to share the results of this particular hubbly bubbly cauldron of women brewed magic.

I met Amanda Hall (stylist, Wonder Woman, mother, first class fashion comms graduate, creative genius, photo witch, kind and thoughtful beacon of wonder) by accident (or not, depending which life belief you subscribe to) when I bought one of those vibration plates from her via Gumtree that’s meant to make you thin by owning it.

It didn’t make me thin, my wobble is still there, but the friendship that’s blossomed from my desire to wobble away my wobble is beautiful. She suggested a collaboration. And that’s when the magic began.

She organised a photo shoot. A Norfolk inspired, nature inspired, women inspired photo shoot. To match all my beliefs and to show The Way Of Tea off in its element.

She enlisted the incredible light painter photo artisan Becky Louise to be the perfect artist to capture her vision and mine. It worked. The three of us could see right into each other’s creative souls and the universe nodded its blessing. It rewarded us with an incredible double rainbow at the end of the shoot – just after a very light rain shower and in time for the last set of photos for the day.

Amanda chose the beautiful North Denes beach in Norfolk, our incredible models are all Norfolk womens. We deliberately chose models of all different shapes, sizes and skin tones in order to bring home the importance of diversity. The Way Of Tea is made for raw and real women. And that means celebrating women of every size, shape and colour. Just as they are. Don’t try to be anything different. You were made as you. Stay you, be proud of you. You are incredible.

I’m so excited to show you that our efforts have been noticed by The Norfolk Magazine. The incredibly kind and talented Holly Louise Eels, magical wordsmith picked up our shoot, put words in her clever cauldron of wonder and created an article we are all so proud to tell everyone who’ll listen about.

Find it in October’s issue of The Norfolk Magazine, or online here.

Thank you cannot express quite how grateful I am for every magical woman being who was involved in that day. When women come together with passion, creativity and drive, the whole of life dances in time.


Chi Double-King, Katya Kudlaeva, Francesca Mesurier, Amanda Hall, Kenza Bendaha, Emily Blake, Cornelie Madinda, Evamarie Eagle


Kenza Bendaha and Megan Ellen

Creative Director/Stylist:

Amanda Hall

Becky Louise

Stylist Assistant:

Keiea, owner of Eclectic Mix, Timberhill, Norwich

Go on – see some more magical images from the shoot by clicking on these here words.