Garment Care


If you’ve owned a cashmere jumper, you wouldn’t dream of putting it in a hot, spinning washing machine. If you have, you’ll know not to again…

Natural dyes are much the same. Be as kind to them as they are to the planet. Hand wash in cool water with a gentle detergent. Natural dyes fade, as we all do. But it is beautiful to wear planet friendly clothing with a life and character of its own.

Other than gentle washing, wash less – on a whole we wash clothes too much. It isn’t great for any clothes to be over-washed and is better for the planet too.

When you’re storing your clothes, try to keep them out of direct sunlight. Sunlight fades natural dyes. If your wardrobe is right in the sun, just put a scarf over your naturally dyed clothes.

I also offer and encourage clothes to be re-dyed. Each time they’re dyed you’ll get back something new! It’s a very sustainable way to shop. I can also mend and alter items for you. Just get in touch and we can discuss what to do with your garment.


The Way Of Tea naturally dyed dungarees